Occupational Therapy

After a major surgery, illness or injury, some individuals may experience loss of memory, hand-eye coordination, or the ability to do routine daily tasks (get dressed, cook a meal, dishes, etc.). Our Occupational Therapy at National Home Health Care Agency is reliable, dependable and offer an array of knowledge to help your loved one recover those skills. With the training and certifications they have to achieve before being hired, our therapists are highly qualified to work with your family member.

Occupational Therapists work more on improving and reestablishing the daily life skills your loved one will need once they recover. There are some exercises and stretches involved during treatment, but they also use educational methods as a way of rehabilitation. There are numerous ways to reintroduce your loved one to the activities they did before their surgery or illness.

It’s important to understand the healing process your body goes through in order to respond to treatment. Everyone has limitations, but our bodies can do incredible things if treated properly and given time to heal from an injury. Our occupational therapists will teach your loved one about the injury or illness and why it’s affecting their body. And most importantly, they will teach them new methods to speed up the recovery time.

If your loved will be returning to work after they heal, the therapist working with your family member will more often than not visit their work place. This allows them to see what obstacles (if any) will need to dealt with in order for your loved one to resume their job. If you have further questions regarding our occupational therapists or other services, please call to arrange a meeting with one of our associates. We look forward to helping you and your family!