Home Physical Therapy

Do you have a loved one who is in need of medical rehabilitation? Perhaps, they have fallen, had surgery recently or have a chronic illness that keeps them in constant home care? Chances are good your loved one will need continued care in the form of home physical therapy once their Physician makes the request. National Home Health Care Agency is ready to assist with a variety of in home medical care services.

In fact, we have a great team of physical therapists who are happy to work with your loved one. They are certified and adaptable to any environment they enter. With their outgoing and compassionate nature, they are sure to win your heart over. Especially once you see how thorough they are with their practice.

Our home physical therapy is to have an objective to get your loved one up and moving around to help improve their recovery time. If one doesn’t keep active with their stretches and exercises, they will become stiff and lose range of motion (ROM) in their joints (especially if they had knee, hip or other joint surgery). We will provide you with exceptional team members who will be proactive in the recovery process with your loved one.

Our Home Physical Therapy:

  • Use specific, yet gentle body manipulation techniques (when needed)
  • Share exercises and stretches to regain mobility and strength
  • Physical Therapy done right in the comfort of your own home