Home Health Aid

National Home Health Care Agency provides home health aid for your loved one while they recover from surgery, an illness or other injuries. Home health aid is not to be confused with home health care; there is a difference. Our nurse’s aides will be able to assist with more of the daily routine tasks, such as arranging appointments for your loved one, driving them to and from their point of destination, picking up their prescriptions, grocery shopping and other errands or household requests as needed.*

Most of the Aide’s tasks are non-medical related; however, some may help take vitals, temperatures and help monitor your family member. Other ways home health aid can be beneficial is because the aides are with your love one when you’re not able to be. In addition, they are happy to do light housework as well. This will help your family member recover comfortably in their own surroundings.

All of our staff is caring, understanding and want to help in the recovery process of your loved one. They are knowledgeable and experienced in their profession. Oftentimes, our aides will become a friendly, yet professional companion for your family member. Having a friendly face helping also alleviates some stress for you and your loved one. Please contact our office to make arrangements for a free consultation session regarding our home health aid or other services.


*Please note these types of errands and routine tasks should be listed in detail during the initial application process.